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Surrounding tourism

Information on surrounding sightseeing

  • Kusatsu hot spring ~ Yu-batake, One-day hot springs, Foot bath

    • ◆Symbols of Kusatsu Yu-batake

      Kusatsu Onsen which is one of three Japanese fountains.Speaking of Kusatsu Onsen Yu-batake.
      Yu-batake hotel, a ryokan, and a souvenir shop stand alongside the Yu-batake.
      Branche is about 15 minutes on foot from Branche.
    • ◆Netsu-no-yu ~ Yu Netsu-no-yu Show·Yuzomi experience·Hot Springs Rakugo

      Spring renewed the Yu-batake before the 2015 in the Netsu-no-yu and Yumomi and Dance show you can enjoy every day.There is also a corner of "Yu Momi Experience", so you can feel the tradition of Kusatsu Onsen with your skin.

      ※There are extraordinary holidays due to events etc.

      In addition, "Hot Springs Rakugo" is held 365 days in the evening
    • ◆Goza no Yu

      A day hot spring facility opened in the spring of 2013 "Goza no Yu".Featuring a passion for wooden houses of the Edo (time period) - Meiji (time period) building which had been living in the winter, a roof of luscious roof using cedar plate, it was reproduced in the Yu-batake.Feel relaxed time, touch history and experience the culture and history of Kusatsu Onsen.
    • ◆Otaki no Yu

      "Otaki no Yu" renewed in December 2011.In addition to a public bath, open-air bath, sauna, there is a combination bath that enters bath tubs with different hot water temperatures in order from low temperature to high temperature, all the bath tubs are day hot spring facilities with a source sprinkle.There is also a resting place, a restaurant, a coffee shop corner, and you can spend the day relaxing.There is also a private bath.
    • ◆Sai no kawara Park·Sainokawara Open Air Bath

      "Sai no kawara Park" is popular as a walking spot with its source rising from everywhere in the park.The "Sainokawara Open Air Bath" renewed in May 2015 is a magnificent scale bathtub and you can enjoy various nature every majestic season
    • ◆Ashiyu - Yubata Mae Yukemuritei, Before Jizo no Yu, In front of the bus terminal

      "Yukemuritei" adjacent to Yu-batake is the footbath renewed in February 2010.Would you like a break for a while.
      In addition, there are footbaths in front Jizo no Yu public bath "Jizo no Yu" and Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal Station, both of which can be used for free.※Jizo no Yu boat footbath will be out of service during the winter season.
  • Sports in Kusatsu

    • ◆Kusatsu Snow and Spa Resort

      It is a well-established well-known ski resort in Japan.course which extends vertically can also enjoy snowboarding in full skiing OK, even beginners and families from advanced level.You can also enjoy summer sports and Nordic walking in the off season and autumn leaves in fall.
    • ◆Kusatsu Mori no Iyashi Walking Path(A promenade·Cycling Road)

      There are 3 course of "Royal course" "cycling road course" "Yasuragi no Mori course" at the sidewalk which Agatsuma forest management office is maintaining, you can enjoy forest bathing, walking, jogging, cycling and so on.
      In addition, the Kusatsu Council of Forest Therapy provides a forest walk program combining hot springs and forest baths.
  • Kusatsu tourism

    • ◆Shirane Shrine

      Shrine with Yamatotakerunomikoto as the god of deity.
      Although it is usually a quiet place, rhododendrons bloom early May,
      A festival was held on 17th and 18th of July
      Shinko walks around the town and is crowded with many people.
    • ◆Kosen Temple

      Gonsyu Busanha temple.In the main hall is Yakushi Yaku, Nara in Shakado,
      Buddha statue using Bone Tree of Todaiji Temple is enshrined.
      Because it is on the hill overlooking the hot Yu-batake, you can see the spa town and the view is also the best.
    • ◆Kusatsu music of the forest international concert hall

      Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy and Festival"is held from mid-late to late August every year, this is a high-quality concert hall combining the high-rich environment of Kogen and the atmosphere of enjoying music.

      ●Contact us·Kusatsu music of the forest international concert hall : 0279-88-8686
    • ◆Kusatsu tropical zone

      There are many small animals such as crocodiles, snakes, rabbits and popular capybara.You can also experience hand bathing / foot bathing by Gala Luffa
    • ◆therme therme(Swimming Pool·Hot Springs)

      It is a complex complex consisting of pool zone, hot spring · sauna zone and relax zone.
      There is also a cafe and you can enjoy it all day.
    • ◆Kusatsu Forest Stage(Athletic)

      It is an outdoor amusement facility in nature opened in July 2010.
    • ◆Environment Experience Amusement(One hundred year stone production experience)

      Amusement facility aimed at introducing neutralization project.You can experience such as making a hundred year stone using Kusatsu Hot Springs of Kusatsu Hot Springs which is characterized by strong acidity.
    • ◆Kusatsu Glass Warehouse(Creative experience)

      To make memories such as sale of glass crafts and experience of Tonpotama creation!
      Yu-batake is 5 minutes from Yu-batake station along Kawahara Avenue in the west.
  • Museum museums, art galleries, etc.

    • ◆Kusatsu Belz Memorial Hall

      Dr. Belt was a German doctor who made a great contribution for Japanese medicine during the Meiji (time period) era and also introduced himself to the world Kusatsu Onsen.A data center exhibiting the relationship between Dr. Belts and Kusatsu Onsen is located in the corner of the Kusatsu kuya tea house park of the road.
      ●Admission fee:Free
      ●Opening hours: 9 AM to 4:30 PM, Irregular holiday
      ●Contact us·Kusatsu Belz Memorial Hall : 0279-88-0880

    • ◆Kataoka Tsurutaro Museum of Art

      The museum of Mr. Tsutaro Kataoka who enters Sai no kawara Park the Sai no kawara Park.There is also a cafe and art goods shop and you can watch casually with yukata and geta
    • ◆Kusatsu Onsen Library

      Feel free to read and learn the history of hot springs while waiting for the bus."Hot Springs Library" which opened the library and the museum in November 2015 opened in Kusatsu Hot Springs Bus Terminal 3F.

      ●Opening hours:9 am - 5 pm
      ●Closed holiday: Every Monday and the end of the month (temporary closing closed)
      ●Contact us·Kusatsu municipal Hot Springs Library : 0279-88-7190